Park Avenue Enhancements, Speedway to Ft. Lowell

PROPOSED WORK:  Installation of a five-foot wide walking path and six-foot wide bicycle lanes along Park Avenue from Speedway north to Fort Lowell Boulevard. Water harvesting areas will be incorporated along the walking path in various locations.


February 2014 Update - 60% design under review with the consultant. Will present the 60% plans to the Neighborhood Association representatives around mid-March. After a walk-through field review, it appears at this time that a combination of concrete and decomposed granite would be the best materials for the walking path. Water harvesting areas are still being evaluated.

October 2014 Update - The 60% plans were presented to the neighborhood in March. Comments were reviewed and plans were adjusted. The Engineering consultants are finishing up the 100% construction documents to submit in October. TDOT will be submitting documents to ADOT for construction funding in November. We estimate a construction start date of Fall of 2015.  The City will schedule a pre-construction meeting with the neighborhoods to introduce the contractor and present the construction schedule.

Park Avenue 100% Plans

May 2016 Update - Funding authorization from ADOT was received in October of 2015, and the construction documents were sent to Procurement for bidding in November of 2015. The Bids were opened in December of 2015 and the project was found to be over budget. The City was able to obtain the additional funding and the project was awarded to Southern Arizona Paving in May of 2016.
A public preconstruction meeting was held at the Donna Liggin Center on April 13th and construction started on April 18th.  The estimated completion date of the construction is July 17, 2016.  There will be a minimum of one year Landscape Establishment period that will end on July 16, 2017.