Permits and Codes Section

The Permits and Codes Section manages construction activities in the public right-of-way (ROW) in accordance with Chapter 25 of the City Code, Standard Details and Specifications, City Policy & Directives, and Technical Standards Manual (of the Unified Development Code).

The Permits and Codes Section issues permits for work performed in the City ROW, in accordance with Chapter 25 of the City Code. This includes issuing notices of violations and Citations for non-permitted work and for non-compliant work performed in the ROW. Contractors will require a track access permit to perform any ROW work on or near the streetcar track per the SOP.

Work permitted by the Permits and Codes Section for Excavation and Barricade are permitted via Right-of-Way Permits. Permits are issued based on approved Site Plans, Development Plans, Tentative Plats, Grading Plans, Utility Improvement Plans, Private Improvement Agreement Paving Plans and other plans as applicable. The following is a list of the type of activities that are typically permitted:

  • Curb-Cuts for lot access
  • Trenching and backfill for utility facilities such as Electrical lines, water lines, HCS (House Connection Sewer), and gas lines
  • Trenching and backfill for Franchised Fiber Optic and Cable providers
  • New sidewalk
  • Sidewalk repairs
  • Pedestrian Access Ramps in accordance with City Standards and Federal ADA access requirements
  • Minor drainage facilities such as curb inlets
  • Driveway aprons and curb-radii driveway openings
  • Utility improvement plans
  • Development required privately funded public improvements

Right-of-Way Permit Application
Tucson Development Center Online Frequently Asked Questions
Annual Permit Work Report
Utility Waiver Form

Private Improvement Agreements Maps you will need the MapGuide plug-in to view these maps. See TDOT Resource Center for further information if you do not already have the plug-in.

There is a 5-year Moratorium for pavement cuts on new asphalt pavement. Refer to the Pavement Cut Requirement in the Development Standards D.S. 3-03.

See recent Construction where the moratorium may apply.

City of Tucson Technical Standards of the Unified Development Code provide information on permits required for construction work in the City, both on the public streets (public rights-of-way) and on private property. They are available from Planning & Development Services.

For further information regarding a Permit to dig in City rights-of-ways, call (520) 791-5100. See Restrictions.

And remember, always contact Bluestake BEFORE you dig.