Zack Rabbit and Lenny Lizard's Wash Safety Page

Zack Rabbit and Lenny Lizard explore Tucson's Washes and learn about wash safety in their activity book

Washes are dangerous when it rains
Do not enter flowing washes
Washes are home to desert creatures that shouldn't be disturbed
Don't dump trash in the wash
Don't dig forts in the banks of the wash
Don't dump pollutants into stormdrains, stormdrains lead to washes
Water harvesting is a wonderful way to use stormwater

Zack and Lenny Booklet Cover

Download Zack and Lenny's Activity Book HERE pdf.

Cargue el Libro de Actividades AQUÍ pdf.

Zack and Lenny also appear in a full color poster promoting wash safety. Get it HERE pdf.

Zack y Lenny también aparecen en un cartelón lleno de color que promueve seguridad de los arroyos. Consígalo AQUÍ pdf.

The flyer Don't Dump in the Wash pdf featuring the rascally rabbit and lizardy lizard was also distributed with water bills by the Stormwater Section.