Paul's Note - April 8, 2022

Julius Holt, who was the long-time leader of Tucson Youth Football and an American Youth Football Hall of Famer, passed away Monday morning. 

I had some chats with him about how the city could work with TYF to make the program better for Tucson’s young athletes. His suggestions and help were a big part of the improvements we made to Jesse Owens Park, which have benefitted not only football players, but youth soccer as well. 

He was born in Washington, but came here after being recruited by Larry Smith to play as a linebacker for the Arizona Wildcats. After graduating, he stayed in Tucson doing work for the U of A athletic department and becoming involved in youth sports. 

Javier Morales of AllSportsTucson has an excellent article on the life of Julius. My condolences to his wife Lisa and children Justin and Julia as well as the hundreds of athletes who he influenced over the years. 

Come celebrate the arrival of spring at the Fort Lowell Museum (2900 N Craycroft). This Sunday, learn about the types of crops people of the past grew and what wild plants can be used as food. Activities may include seed planting, learning how to harvest crops, grinding food as well as Easter-themed activities for all ages The Tucson Succulent Society will be on hand with activities and information to share. All activities will occur from 10 am to 1 pm. 

I just wanted to give those of you that use our recycling center a reminder to make sure that any boxes that you leave are flattened. A lot of people use our center, and anything we can do to keep the bins from over-filling helps. 

Keep in mind that our office is open for visitors now. We are open from 9 am – 2 pm Monday through Thursday, and Friday between 8 am and noon. That means we are also open for you to bring by donations to the Food Bank and Sister Jose Shelter.