Paul's Note - October 22nd, 2021

Former Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association president Kathleen Flasch passed away. I’d like to extend my condolences on behalf of my staff and our Ward 2 friends to her husband Frank and her whole family. 

Kathleen was born in England and came to Tucson by way of Chicago. She was a world traveler, a huge fan of the Rolling Stones and a tenacious advocate for her neighborhood since first moving there in 2001. 

One of the things she did in Old Fort Lowell was start the Old Fort Lowell Live at Home Program. The program is a way for neighbors to volunteer to assist neighbors to maintain their independence. They offer services such as transportation, home visits, help around the house and even loans of medical equipment. Live at Home is one of the reasons why Old Fort Lowell is such a strong community. 

To find out more about the program, visit

The sort of work that the Live at Home program does is a great legacy to leave, and I know that those that loved Kathleen are proud of it. 

This weekend is the Fresh Start Expo at the Tucson Community Center. Fresh Start began in 2019 by Dr. Da’Mond T. Holt, a pastor who does work with youth in our community on anti-bullying efforts. Fresh Start addresses another issue: getting the formerly incarcerated back into our community as working citizens. 

The event runs from 9 – 3  and includes services like rights restoration, warrant resolution, juvenile and marijuana record expungement, application for assistance programs, addiction services and even medical services and simple things like new clothes and hair cuts. 

They will also be offering COVID vaccines. 

Parking will be free at the TCC for this event. They don’t require registration, but it is encouraged that you do so. You can find that here

For more information, you can visit their website:

Ward 2 has a vacancy on the Independent Audit and Performance Commission. It’s a citizen’s commission that has the following responsibilities: 

  • To review and provide comment to the Mayor and Council and the City Manager relating to the City's Annual Audit Plan. 

  • Provide independent appraisal of City programs, policies, and functions in order to help management perform more efficiently and effectively, and/or to recommend that the Mayor and Council commission an independent firm to perform such an appraisal.  

  • To examine financial reports, various records, and procedures to determine compliance with applicable ordinances, regulations, policies and contractual provisions, and/or to recommend that the Mayor and Council commission an independent firm to perform such an examination. 

  • To evaluate the City's internal control structure and recommend improvements that will help safeguard the City's assets. 

There are commissioners that have a background in finance, but we are also looking for people that have experience evaluating efficiencies and performance in organizations. For example, the commission is currently tasked with looking over how the Code Enforcement Division could better deliver its services. 

Send your resume to Thank you.