Paul's Note - October 29th, 2021

I received an update from Police Chief Christopher Magnus about TPD recruiting. I wanted to share it with you. 

Given our staffing challenges, we thought it might be useful for you to get a sense of some of our outreach and recruiting efforts.  If you have ideas or suggestion about other opportunities to recruit new officers or CSOs, please let me know and we will happily follow-up on them. 

  • We have recruited actively at most of the high schools in the city with an emphasis on minority hires and women 

  • We attend UA job fairs to recruit new officers 

  • We have met with the UA football coach to explore options for dialog-building and recruiting efforts with players 

  • We are actively working with groups that include Pillars & Bridges, Chicanos por la Causa, the NAACP, and others to do outreach to young men and women of color for possible policing careers (including both PO and CSO) 

  • We have done multiple out-reach initiatives with several refugee service groups to involve immigrants (with U.S. citizenship status) in our volunteer and CSO programs that can lead them to police careers 

  • We are working with FC Tucson to promote TPD policing careers 

  • We instruct and do outreach through the Pima Community College Law & Justice program to engage students in careers with TPD 

  • We coordinate with JTED to do joint training programs when they are able (this was something we developed and set up) 

  • We have a youth Explorers program to engage 14-22 young people in policing careers 

  • We have a volunteer program that has brought several volunteers into policing jobs with the department 

  • We are working with multiple neighborhood groups and organizations to spread the word about policing jobs with the department 

  • We have made a series of social media features that highlight 4 different officers and their TPD careers 

  • We conduct special outreach to women before applications for the Academy are due to familiarize them with the job and help them be prepared 

Efforts in September have included outreach efforts in our community as well as in Scottsdale and Tempe. 172 invites were sent for testing this month. 

The Tucson Roadrunners take the ice against the San Diego Gulls this weekend and FC Tucson is closing out their season against Richmond with a playoff spot on the line. Our semi-professional basketball team, the Tucson Buckets, opens their season next week. 

Below is their home schedule. Their home games are played at La Cienega High School, 12775 E Mary Ann Cleveland Way. Saturday games are at 6 pm and Sunday games are at 2 pm. 

  • November 7 – South Phoenix Knights 

  • December 12 – Phoenix Valley Outlaws 

  • December 19 – AZ Fire 

  • January 16 – Oceanside Surf 

  • January 29 – Orange County Novastars 

  • February 5 – South Phoenix Knights 

  • February 6 – Southwest Desertcats 

  • February 26 – New Mexico Bullsnakes 

  • March 5 – Chula Vista Suns 

  • March 6 – Las Vegas Royals