Ward 4 Staff

Council Member Shirley Scott's Ward 4 office is staffed by two Council Aides. Below you will find their names and contact information.  We will be sure to put your concerns forward to the Council Member and the Aide who is the subject area expert.  Everyone at the City is doing more work with fewer resources to ensure your City Services remain available at a minimal cost to the tax payers. Our office is no exception. Our staff has downsized tremendously, however we take pride in giving exceptional constituent service. Due to our demanding meeting schedules and slim staffing model, the office may be closed for sporadic blocks of time during the day. We apologize for the inconvenience but encourage you to call us at (520) 791-3199 so we may assist you or schedule a meeting. Thank you for your understanding.



Teresa Smith


(520) 791-3199


Martha Cantrell


(520) 791-3199