CM Fimbres Urges Postmaster General To Keep Cherrybell Open

Dear Postmaster General Donohoe

I am writing to oppose the recent announcement that the United States Postal Service (USPS) will resume the closure and consolidation process of 82 centers, including the Tucson Processing and Distribution Center (Cherrybell P&DC).  

As has been indicated previously, I am concerned that this closure will have a negative impact on the Tucson community, the Southern Arizona community and the State of Arizona.

The closure of Cherrybell P&DC would leave one of our nation’s fastest growing population centers with only one processing facility for the entire state, while smaller population centers would have more.  

For the business community, with more than 25,000 businesses in Tucson and Southern Arizona, the closure would exacerbate an already existing problem with delivery days.  

With a closure, the increase in mailing costs for packages and letters would increase.  We are concerned that consumers without easy access to the internet run the risk of disenfranchisement.

Furthermore, any business seeking to expand or relocate to Tucson and Southern Arizona will be disincentivized to do so in the absence of a nearby postal processing center, resulting in the loss of potential jobs for our increasing population.

This decision has been made on an arbitrary basis.  It has never been explained how the amount of mailings and parcels have decreased and how having only one processing center in a state with a larger population than Wisconsin or Vermont, which have four and five, is based upon facts.

Also, in your announcement, you had indicated that closures would generate savings but it had also been reported that the USPS had earned a profit in FY 2013 and in the first two quarters of FY 2014.  

I am asking that you reverse your decision and work with Congress on comprehensive postal reform legislation.



Richard G. Fimbres
Councilmember – Ward 5
City of Tucson, Arizona