Happy Thanksgiving - Ward 5 Schedule


Dear Friends:


I want everyone and their families to have a good and thankful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

I want to express my thanks to all TPD, TFD and the groups and organizations, including the Ward 5 Council Office, who are working to get help and assistance, including food boxes, meals and other items to those in need during these times and during this holiday season.  

Even after this holiday, the work continues to help those in need, so please help those organizations out who work to help our community and Ward 5 will continue its work.

Here are some safety tips for this Thanksgiving Holiday:

Be responsible and don’t drink and drive.

Stay alive and put your phone down to drive.

Keep kids safe by paying special attention to hazards in the kitchen.

Follow basic food safety rules, especially when it comes to cooking your turkey.

Be proactive about protecting yourself from stress.

Don’t leave cooking food unattended.

Be aware of fire hazards while cooking and entertaining.

Make sure your kitchen is fully equipped in case of a fire.

Find a safe place outside to fry your turkey.

Make sure your turkey has thawed and is dry before deep frying outside.

Dress smart when you fry your turkey outside.

Keep your pets away from dangerous and toxic foods.

Don’t make your Thanksgiving travel plans obvious.

Secure your home against break-ins.

Be careful and use caution.

Please don’t become a statistic and end this holiday in a tragedy.

Ward 5 Council Member Richard G Fimbres