Steve K’s Newsletter 05/24/21

A Message from Steve K...

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Topics in This Issue:

  • Tales of the Pumpkin King Camerman 

  • Ironhorse Clean Up 

  • Mike Rankin 

  • F35s in Vermont

  • Genna Ayup

  • Donations – Migrants and Period Poverty 

  • 5G Progress

  • Vaccine Update

  • Wear Orange Day – June 5th

  • Plastic Block 

  • Tucson City Golf 

  • Parks Indoor Leisure Classes

  • Participatory Budgeting

  • Bungalows on Broadway

  • Parklets and Streateries

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

  • Harvard Global Health Institute   

  • Events: Reid Park Zoo Memorial Day Service Discount