About Tucson Water (Part Two)

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Water basins in the Tucson Water service area.

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The utility provided water service to an average of 233,000 potable services per month in Calendar Year (CY) 2017, serving approximately 725,000 people (more than 70% of the population of the Tucson metropolitan area) within a 390-square-mile service area. About one-third of the utility's customers reside outside the city limits. Residential accounts (single family, multi-family and duplex/triplex) make up nearly 93% of all potable metered connections.

Tucson Water's potable system is composed of 206 active production or standby wells, 4,611 miles of delivery pipelines, 125 boosters to move water around the delivery area, and 57 potable storage facilities capable of storing nearly 305 million gallons. The system represents a customer investment of more than $1 billion.

In CY 2017, Tucson Water pumped 99,300 acre feet (AF) of potable water for customers in the Tucson Water Service area for a total potable gallons per capita per day of 122 gallons. Tucson Water delivered about 89,500 acre feet of potable water to customers in its service area or about 108 GPCD. About 75% of the potable deliveries went to single family and multifamily customers. The residential GPCD in 2017 was 108 gallons. Tucson Water also delivered 4,960 acre feet to other service areas and water right holders in 2017.

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