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Tucson Water wants you to know that its reclaimed water is also disinfected, at a higher concentration than drinking water. Coronavirus has not been found in properly disinfected water.

Tucson Water was one of the first water utilities in the nation to begin recycling water, treating it for irrigation and other non-drinking water uses.

Residential Basics and Requirements

Reclaimed water is specially treated for irrigation and a variety of other uses. It is not treated to be used for drinking and bathing.

Contractors, Landscapers and Workers

Learn about safe practices related to the use of reclaimed water for applications such as irrigation, dust control, fire fighting, and industrial uses. Links also go to ADEQ regulations and standards for reclaimed water site testers.

For More Information

  • New Development: 520-791-5164
    (Availability of reclaimed water service/cost of connection)
  • Backflow Prevention/Reclaimed Water: 520-791-2650
    (Backflow prevention/site preparation/reclaimed water signs)