Bill Adjustments

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Adjustments are offered to customers upon request when there is a valid high water use because of leaks, theft, vandalism, or another known consumption. Adjustments may also be given when there is unexplained high water use.

All other applicable water charges and taxes are applied after the adjustment.

Bill Adjustment Eligibility

Adjustments are granted when all of the following conditions are met:

  • Water use by the customer has returned to normal levels.
  • The use in question was more than twenty (20) CCFs.
  • An adjustment has not been given on the account within the past three (3) years.
  • The water use in question must have occurred within the past seven (7) months.
  • No adjustments are made available for reclaimed water or construction water accounts.

Customer Relief Adjustment

  • A customer relief adjustment is calculated by charging a residential customer for high water use at the current adopted rate for the same water use block of the same month of the prior year.
  • The customer relief adjustment applies to the residential single family and duplex-triplex customer classes.

Courtesy Adjustment

  • A courtesy adjustment is calculated by taking the difference of water use between the high water use month and the same month in the previous year and allowing one half (1/2) of that amount to be dismissed.
  • The courtesy adjustment is for customer classes of multifamily, mobile home parks w/sub-meters, commercial, and industrial.

Request a Courtesy Adjustment

Call 520-791-3242 or email Tucson Water Customer Service. Include your service address and/or statement account number.

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Tucson City Code, Part II, Chapter 27, Section 27-52