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TTucson Water Reclaimed Water logoucson Water uses some of its recycled water to produce reclaimed water, which is specially treated for applications such as irrigation, dust control, fire fighting, and industrial uses.

Reclaimed water is classified by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality as Class A water.

Reclaimed water is not treated to be used for drinking or bathing. All persons working on reclaimed water systems should be provided with information about reclaimed water and training in safe practices and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for working with reclaimed water.

Safe practices include:

  1. Reviewing information, including reclaimed water facts, who uses reclaimed water, reporting discharges, and more (see the Rules, Regulations, and Standards web page for more information).
  2. Avoiding direct contact with reclaimed water by:
    • Wearing gloves, boots, and eye protection while working with reclaimed water
    • Refraining from eating, drinking, or smoking while working with reclaimed water
    • Washing with potable water and soap before eating, drinking, or smoking after working with reclaimed water
    • Storing materials used to apply or convey reclaimed water securely in locations where they do not come into contact with potable water
  3. Wearing appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE), including, but not limited to gloves, boots, and eye protection.
  4. Knowing what to do in case of direct contact with or consumption of reclaimed water:
    • In the event of direct contact with reclaimed water, immediately wash the affected area thoroughly with potable water and soap and change into clean, dry clothes. If irritation, rash, or other problems develop, be sure to tell your medical provider that the affected area came into contact with reclaimed water. She/he will be able to determine if the problem is related to the water.
    • If reclaimed water is accidentally consumed, it is unlikely to cause ill effects. However, if you should get sick after consuming this water, contact your medical provider and tell her/him that reclaimed water was ingested. She/he will be able to determine if the illness is related to the water.
  5. Using tools that are dedicated for use only on reclaimed water systems and appurtenances. Tools that have been used on reclaimed water systems and appurtenances must be disinfected prior to use on the potable water system.

    Disinfection shall be the same as described in The 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code 609.9, Disinfection for Potable Water Systems .