System Equity Fee

In order to ensure smooth delivery of high quality water and service to current and future customers, Tucson Water has an ongoing capital improvement program.

Capital improvements are generally constructed in large increments; therefore, system expansions are often constructed years in advance of when the added capacity will be fully utilized. New connections benefit from that extra capacity built into the existing infrastructure without having made the same investment in that infrastructure that current customers have made.

To address that issue, Tucson Water determined the “per service” portion of the total value of our existing water infrastructure capacity. The “per service” portion is known as the System Equity Fee. This fee is applied to each new water service connection to the central potable system.

The current fee schedule became effective on July 2, 2012. These fees are in addition to the CAP Water Resource Fee and Water Meter Installation Fees.

The current fee schedule is shown below.

Meter Size Current Fee
5/8 inch $1,311.00
3/4 inch $1,967.00
1 inch $3,278.00
1-1/2 inch $6,555.00
2 inch $10,488.00
3 inch $20,976.00
4 inch $36,053.00
6 inch $73,809.00
8 inch $111,435.00
10 inch $170,430.00
12 inch $281,865.00

For more information or questions about fees, call New Services at 520-791-5164.