Water Rates and Monthly Charges

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If you have any questions on Tucson Water's rates, charges, and other fees, call 520-791-3242 or e-mail Tucson Water Customer Service or visit the links below.

NOTICE: On October 19, 2021, the City of Tucson Mayor and Council voted to implement a differential rate structure for Tucson Water customers located in unincorporated Pima County. These rates go into effect December 1, 2021. Click here to view detail on these rate changes.  


Most of Tucson Water's customers are in the single-family class.

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Miscellaneous Fees - Water Service

Page lists fees for water service turn-on, delinquent service charges, returned checks, and tampering.

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Multiple separate housing units contained within one building (as in apartments), or several buildings within one complex.

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Mobile Home Parks

These rates apply to individual units that have been sub-metered by park owners. Includes year-round and flat rates.

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Subject to summer surcharges beginning when monthly usage doubles the winter average.

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Subject to summer surcharges when monthly usage exceeds the winter average.

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Includes rates for construction water used for dust control, soil abatement, cement, etc.

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Reclaimed Water

Rates for water specially treated for irrigation, dust control, and industrial uses.

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Fire Protection

Rates for unmetered fire sprinkler connections to the potable water system.

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