Reporting Reclaimed Water Discharges

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The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Rules state that all discharges of reclaimed water are prohibited. A discharge is defined as any volume of reclaimed water that, for any reason, leaves the site where its use is permitted.

Example: If a private irrigation system pipe breaks and reclaimed water runs into the adjacent public street, this is considered a discharge.

Reporting Discharges

  • Residents are encouraged to report discharges. If you are a reclaimed water customer, failure to report a discharge from your property could result in the termination of your reclaimed water service.
  • Please answer each of the questions below and click on "submit" when finished. This will send a report to Tucson Water and we will notify ADEQ of the discharge.
  • We may contact you for additional information or a Cross Connection Control Specialist may visit your site to ensure that the problem has been corrected.
(address, nearest street intersection, or name of facility)
(# of gallons discharged)
(nearest street intersection)
(in feet - estimate)
(include volume of discharge required to make repairs, distance to nearest sewer manhole, availability of permitted reclaimed water site for discharge, and volume of reclaimed water discharged to street or waterway during repair)
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Thank you for reporting this information.

NOTE: If you are unable to submit this form, send an e-mail to Include the date and location of discharge, and a phone number where you can be reached.

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