Reclaimed Water, Backflow Prevention

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Tucson Water was one of the first water utilities in the nation to begin recycling water, treating it for irrigation and other non-drinking water uses. 

  • New Development Section
    Call 520-791-5164 
    (information on availability of reclaimed water service and cost of connection)
  • Backflow Prevention/Reclaimed Water Section
    Call 520-791-2650 
    (information on backflow prevention, site preparation, and reclaimed water signs)

Apply for Reclaimed Water Service

Reclaimed water is specially treated for applications such as irrigation, dust control, fire fighting, and industrial uses.

Reporting Reclaimed Water Discharges

A discharge is any volume of reclaimed water that leaves the site where its use is permitted.

Backflow Prevention

Reclaimed water cannot be allowed to enter the public drinking water system. Backflow prevention prevents this from happening.

Most Requested Information

Questions and answers on backflow prevention and assemblies.

Map of the Reclaimed Water System

Check the map to determine whether your property is within 18 mile of an existing reclaimed water main.

Reclaimed Water Signs

Look for signs stating the use of reclaimed water on sites throughout the community.

Tucson Water-approved Certified Backflow Prevention Testers pdf

A list of Tucson Water-approved Certified Testers is available at the above link or from the Tucson Water Backflow Prevention Office at 520-791-2650.

iBAK Backflow Assembly Test Results Data Entry

Certified Backflow Testers registered with Tucson Water Department Backflow Section may submit online backflow assembly test results through iBAK.