Water Service Area Review Board

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On August 4, 2010, the Mayor and Council adopted a Water Service Area Policy establishing a water service boundary for Tucson Water.

A provision of the Water Service Area Policy was the creation of an Administrative Review Board to allow for the appeal of denials of water service under the policy. Under this initial version of the approved policy, the board was tasked solely with:

  • Reviewing if Tucson Water’s denial of water service was in accordance with the Water Service Area Policy.
  • A process that was neither open to the appellant nor the public.

More information:

Next Water Service Area Review Board Meeting

No meetings are currently scheduled.

How to Appeal a Denial of Water Service Request

Upon denial of a water service request, Tucson Water staff will inform the applicant of their right to appeal this decision.

Water Service Area Policy

The Water Service Area Policy establishes a water service boundary for Tucson Water based on economic, social, and environmental considerations.