Working in Gardens Irrigated with Reclaimed Water

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality regulations (AAC R18-11-309, Table A) allow Class A reclaimed water, which Tucson Water delivers, to be used for irrigation of food crops and spray irrigation of orchards and vineyards. The regulations also state that reclaimed water be used only in ways that reasonably preclude human contact.

Below are some suggestions from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality on ways to work safely with reclaimed water in your garden:

  • Wear latex gloves.
  • Avoid reclaimed water if you have cuts or open sores on your hands.
  • If you come in direct contact with reclaimed water, wash the exposed area as soon as possible with soap and water. If your hands come in contact with reclaimed water, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth until you can thoroughly wash your hands.
  • After working in a garden irrigated with reclaimed water, do not smoke or consume food or beverages until your hands have been thoroughly washed.
  • Any clothing which may incidentally come into contact with reclaimed water should be washed as soon as possible.
  • Notify all people working in a garden that is irrigated with reclaimed water of its use and share these precautions with them.

Working in Gardens with Reclaimed Water (132 KB)